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What Is The Probability That God Exists?

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The discussion related to proving whether God exists or not lasts for a very long time. Before we start speaking more about this subject, it is important to note that everyone has the right to have an opinion about this subject, and there is no reason to treat people who don’t share their beliefs in any inappropriate way.

One of the main issues with society is that people are arguing over this subject. We are going to analyze the views from both sides, those who believe that God exists, and those who are putting science in the first place. Also, you can check a theological argument at myrealgod.com

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When it comes to people who strongly believe that there is God and those who are practicing religious rituals, prayers, and more. Also, many of them will tell you that religion is not something that should be analyzed or argued. You should keep in mind that it sometimes is better to avoid speaking about this subject if you think that the other side might get offended.

One of the main reasons why some people are strict atheists is related to how modern science is trying to explain some things related to the evolution of life on our planet. There are many differences between the theological theories about the creation of the world and life on it and the many scientific theories. Still, you should keep in mind that both are just theories.

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Another reason is related to many differences between different religions, especially when it comes to monotheistic and polytheistic ones. For example, even though there are many differences between Christianity and Islam, the core of these two religions is the same, and there are even some similar chapters and sacred books. However, the concept is completely different when compared to old polytheistic religions or Hinduism.

Interestingly, some scientists tried to create a calculation related to the probability of God’s existence, and the numbers say that there is over 65% probability for that. People with strong beliefs will tell you that this probability is 100%, while those who are looking for clear evidence will try to make this probability much lower, or even impossible.

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The problem with calculating the probability is related to the lack of data that can be used in the calculation. In that matter, there is no way for having a strong argument for both sides, those who put no doubts into God’s existence, and those who want some clear evidence.

The interesting part is that almost every culture has some story about the creation of the world, and how God or gods created it. Also, we have to mention that there are many similarities between some religions.

On the other hand, atheists are explaining that people were creating various stories since they were unable to understand the world around them. In the end, there could be arguments for both sides, while it is impossible to provide clear proof for both of them. It is all related to your opinion whether you will follow some religion or be an atheist.