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Float in Style During This Summer with SIMOEFFI Inflatable Pool Floats

The best and most comfortable pool float will make your pool moments more relaxing and enjoyable. It will also allow you to lounge, sip a cold drink or read as you soak up some sun. Despite your family’s needs or the size of your pool, there is always a perfect pool float at the market that suits your needs. You will get floaties meant for small children to huge loungers for adults with cup holders to make your outdoor moment enjoyable.

We have SIMOEFFI Inflatable Pool Floats which is one of the best pool floats available in the market for adults. This pool float is made using quality material which ensures that it’s durable and it also features a comfortable pillow, ergonomic foot rest, two cup holders, and other features to raise your poolside moments to greater heights. Let’s have a detailed look at its features and functionalities.

Product Description

The SIMOEFFI Inflatable Float for adults offers a perfect way to relax as you cool off this summer. Moreover, this pool float is made using strong PVC material which makes it durable. It’s able to hold a maximum weight of 260 pounds. In addition, this inflatable pool float measures 70 inches in length and 37 inches in width. This makes it spacious enough for an adult to stretch out to allow their body to completely relax and rejuvenate

SIMOEFFI Inflatable Pool Float is fitted with an ergonomic footstool and a comfortable pillow to keep you supported as you relax. It’s available in an eye design with the colors blue and white. With an innovative mesh cushion design, you will remain cool as you enjoy a clean pool moment. In addition, this breathable mesh design will also prevent the formation of algae or the entry of floating debris hence your float will remain clean all through. Its small plus tight net will offer you superior stability all through your relaxation time.

With the help of two handles on its side, you can comfortably carry this pool float to any poolside destination for relaxing. In addition, this float comes with two cup holders each at the side. This will hold your preferred beverages to stay hydrated and refreshed as you enjoy the sun’s rays.

With SIMOEFFI Inflatable Pool Float, you will experience an ultra-fast inflation process with the help of an improved valve technology fitted. This fast valve technology maximizes air intake as it prevents air flowing out as a result, you will have a quick plus efficient inflation. With the help of an electric pump, which is not included in the package, you will inflate this float within 2 minutes hence you will use less time to set it up and more time to enjoy in the pool.

They are versatile hence it’s suitable for use in a wide range of outdoor activities during summer. You can use it while floating, sunbathing, relaxing, or partying. In addition, apart from being suitable for poolside, this inflatable float can also be used at the lake, sea, river, beach, and ocean. It’s the ultimate solution for each of your comfortable and luxurious poolside lounging.

Product Features

● Convenient and Comfortable Design

SIMOEFFI Inflatable Pool Floats are designed to offer comfort and convenience. The float features two handles each on its sides. This makes it easy to carry your float to a convenient poolside. Additionally, this inflatable float also has two cup holders each on the sides.

his will allow you to have your favorite drinks near your reach as you relax. The cup holder feature makes it an ideal choice for use in different summer outdoor activities (sunbathing, parties, and floating). You will also experience supreme comfort since it’s equipped with an ergonomic footstool plus a comfortable pillow.

● Ultra-Fast Inflation Technology

With ultra-fast inflation technology, you will save time and effort. The fast valve system fitted will maximize your air intake as it stops the air from flowing out. Furthermore, the inflation or deflation process is fast with the help of an electric pump. It will take only two minutes. Remember, the product package doesn’t include a pump.

● Ample Space

They measure 70” in length and 37” in width. Moreover, the float has ample space to allow a comfortable stretch out. This float can hold a maximum weight of 118Kgs.

● Keep Cool and Clean

It has a mesh cushion design. This will not only keeps you cool but also promote breathability at all times. In addition, its tight and small net stability helps in preventing floating materials or algae from hanging hence, it will remain as clean as possible.

● Durable

These inflatable pool floats are made using the best quality and strong PVC material. Furthermore, the material used is gentle on your skin and safe for the environment hence no worries. The PVC material makes this float lightweight hence you can comfortably carry it.

● Versatile

SIMOEFFI Inflatable Float is suitable for use at various places because of its distinct design, comfort, and durability. With it, you can enjoy your summer at the beach, pool, lace, river, and sea.


  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Has a strong and durable construction
  • It’s gentle on your skin
  • It’s lightweight
  • Has 2 cup holders and handle
  • Features a comfortable pillow and footrest
  • Features a mesh cushion design


  • Lacks a carrying/storage bag


SIMOEFFI Inflatable Pool Floats combine exceptional convenience, comfort, fast inflation, etc. to offer you an ultimate relaxation experience this summer. With 2 cup holders, you will have a refreshing summer experience. This pool float features eye-catching designs with vibrant colors (white and blue). Thus, you will not only have a luxurious comfort while lounging but also a touch of style.

With the help of fast valve tech, it will only take two minutes to fill in the air using an electric pump. This float can hold 260 pounds and it’s spacious enough (70” by 37”) for any person to comfortably stretch out. With the help of an ergonomic footstool and comfortable pillows, you will have a perfect relaxation experience.