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Thursday thoughts. What does this quote mean to you? .

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Whilst driving from Ngorongoro Crater to the Serengeti I came across this magnificent male lion relaxing in midday sun | Tanzania ๐Ÿ‡น๐Ÿ‡ฟ๐Ÿฆ๐ŸŒ
REWARD YOURSELF! The rewards for different tiers of fundraising are second to none. Examples? When you raise $2500, you can choose from 6 different options on directing your fundraising $$ to specific researches and support; or how $300 gets you ...
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No big deal, you know, just SUBMITTED MY PHD THESIS!! #phd #phdstudent #phdlife #phdresearch #phdchat #phdjourney #phdbound #phdthesis #thesis #research
Talking to hippo๐Ÿ˜Žwe wear the same color๐Ÿ‘—๐Ÿ‘Œ๐Ÿคฃ
Throwback Thursssssday ๐Ÿ
2017 has been huge for me so far. Iโ€™ve travelled across the world pursuing my love of venomous snakes. Conducting research on them in multiple different countries. Back in January I moved to Thailand to work ...
Applications are ongoing for the Arab Council for Social #science #research Grants Program 2018-2019. Up to $50,000 for individual researchers whose research focuses mainly on #arab communities.
Details at | Deadline: November 23
We had an amazing day on the water yesterday. The team caught, tagged, and released a Lemon shark, Bull shark, Blacktip shark, and 2 Sandbar sharks! Dr. Abel snapped this pic of the Lemon shark swimming by the bow of ...
This week I had the incredible privaledge to attend the first ever Pan-African Psychology Congress at the Psychological Society for South Africa annual conference. I am inspired, amazedand excited, but most of all I am humbled. Im just a 'baby ...
AAU Small Grants for Post Graduate Theses & Dissertations
The Small #grants Programme aims to facilitate timely completion of post #graduate research. #research budgets are limited to $3,500 USD for PhD students and $2,000 USD for Masters #students.
Spending time to research and analyze data can save time and money for any business. US Company, Great Southern Wood Preserving was able to reduce turnover from 55% to 7% by using data analysis to help their employees work smarter, ...
๐Ÿ“ฝ WATCH: E-cigarettes are 'definitely less harmful' than tobacco. Do you vape? ๐Ÿ’จ
A #newmusicfound . #zolajesus and this beautiful beautiful track! And at least four great #musicgenres by #everynoise to #research more!
Dr Schweitzer's team, part of the #hamontFHT, had a book sale in their waiting room this summer and raised funds for #breastcancer #research at @hamiltonhealthsciences' Juravinski Cancer Centre! Great job team! #hamont
Research to be done about the lives of cholas in Malaysia - Ma Foi Pandiarajan Research to be done about the lives of cholas in Malaysia - Ma Foi Pandiarajan | Thanthi TV Thanthi TV is a News Channel in Tamil Language, based in ...
Scientific Research on Bee & The Challenge of God - Interesting Facts about Bee This Video is about Scientific Research on Bee & The Challenge of God. __/LINKS\_ โ–ป Twitter:โžœ for more interesting videos ...
WT || T114 - Tank Review || Fun and Engaging Premium For Tier VI Research The T114 is a strange tank. Far from being useless or completly OP it is yet another addition for the americans that they, at this point, really donยดt need. 381 mm ...
Putting 23andMe's Pain Tolerance Research to the Test 23andMe is making its first foray into at-home research, to study pain. So we decided to toughen up and put the company's research methods to the test.
21/09/2017-CIMBS Research Live Research Live by CIMB Securities (Thailand)
Betsy DeVos helps open MSU research building amid protests Michigan State University cut the ribbon Wednesday on its new Grand Rapids Research Center, an $88 million building that administrators say will be home to ...
Citron Research Exposes Ubiquiti Networks??? Citron Research Exposes Ubiquiti Networks??? I have some thoughts to share on this so I made a video. Citron Research has made the claim that Ubiquiti ...
Where did water come from in the universe? Research points to Jupiter or Saturn -... BORDEAUX, FRANCE โ€” A study published in the journal Icarus, suggest that Earth's water is a "simple byproduct" of giant planet growth. During the formation ...
How I Did Research In College, Med-School, and Residency I am often asked about research- how to get involved in a research project, how much research is needed in medical school, and how to succeed in research.

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