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How Long Does it Take to Become Good at FIFA 21

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It takes a fair bit of time to get good at the game. But there are some things you can do to improve your game fast! If you want to improve your FIFA game with no cheats and hacks, we will present to you some tips and tricks that will get you to the next level. There are some essential things that you can do to be an all-around better player that will win every game. There are various defensive and offensive mechanisms you can take to be on top of your game.

Attack First

You need to understand that especially for defensive players, the game can get tricky. FIFA 21 is a very fast game with a lot of happening and the meta is set up so that goals are easier to get than in previous iterations. It’s much easier to attack straightforward than to do a well-played defense. It’s much easier to play your opponent around and just get the ball out of your side. Avoid fouls and big-time tackles as most times it will turn against you. 

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Spriting is not so smart

It does sound weird but the stamina mechanism is a tad bit different in recent games. It’s better to play it level and then use the sprint when you need it. Sprinting now has many repercussions on your team. Their efficiency will wear down as they get tired. So they will do a bigger tackle, miss the pass, and do similar things. These guys are like they are alive. So treat them like that. Use the sprint button smart and not too much.

Use the new mechanics

Here is a new mechanic then is essential for a good attack. The agile dribbling you need to learn and practice. This creates a moment of fast-paced passes where your little teammate keeps the ball closed to him before passing it. A great little mechanic that is essential for winning.

One more thing that also adds control to you is the creative running feature that gives you the chance to directly instruct where your play will run exactly. You won’t rely on the computer, so that’s even more control. Here we also want to mention the free-kicks that have changed and that have a completely different set of control. You can now spin the ball in ways you couldn’t before and you should definitely practice your free kicks.  

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Get to know your players

You need to know your team and your players when playing online. Their strengths and weakness, how do they operate, what are their styles and where can they exceed. If you want to progress much faster you can always try fifa boosting and maybe get an edge like that. Understand that different people in your team will have different moves, different paces and some are better at corners, some better at attacking. It’s really a big task to know all of them and to produce something that works. So keep on playing!

With that, we hope you have learned the basics ropes of the game and what are some essential stuff you should know.