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The Cost of a Pressure Washer Service – Is it a Good Investment?

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Residential and commercial properties are usually exposed to pollution and environmental dirt. Many things, including dust, car fumes and exhaust, run-off water, acid rains, and even bird secretions all contribute to dirty walls.

Considering these factors, it’s important to make sure that the walls and exteriors of these properties undergo constant maintenance and cleaning to boost their image and curb appeal. To perform this exterior cleaning, there are many solutions like tasking in-house cleaners or hiring professional cleaning companies.

Compared to other cleaning solutions in the market, hiring a professional pressure washer service in Clearwater comes with many benefits that make it a better option.

Below, we present you with reasons why hiring a pressure washer service to clean your residential and commercial properties is a good investment.

1. Access to The Best and Latest Equipment

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Many commercial buildings have areas like glasses and high walls that are difficult to reach manually or with normal machines. Professional pressure washing companies usually have special equipment with which the process of washing these surfaces becomes smooth and easy, and ultimately achieves quality work.

With the evolution of building technologies over the years, skyscrapers, pillars, and the use of materials like glass have been part of what modern architectural designs have adopted to increase the visual appeal of buildings. Because of this, professional pressure washers have invested in protective gear, and machines like cranes to enhance the safety of the cleaners, residents, and even the building itself while doing their job.

2. Reduce Building Maintenance Cost

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A pressure washing machine cleans surfaces with ease by dispensing air and water at a high force to remove foreign particles and dirt. With this type of tool, dirt that may have otherwise become permanent stains is easily eliminated.

The following are some of the costs that can be reduced as a result of pressure washing:

  • Less need for repainting: When walls and other surfaces are not regularly cleaned, the paint of the building becomes susceptible to discoloration and can even peel off. However, regular pressure washing and general maintenance can greatly minimize the need for frequent repainting.
  • Glass Pane Replacement: The porous surfaces of glass panes absorb pollutants and dirt from the environment. With frequent cleaning, dirt accumulation is reduced, and the likelihood of the glass panes absorbing dust is prevented. It would be a wise decision to use high-pressure machines for cleaning, especially if the building is designed with large areas of glass panes.

3. Enhance the Visual Appeal of the Building

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When evaluating the visual appeal of a property, one looks at things such as its design, the materials, its color, and general maintenance. The visual impression and the outlook of the building are what attract homebuyers, tenants, and potential clients. This is why it is important to ensure that an effective job is performed to eliminate dust, dirt, and other materials that could lessen the attractive features of the property.

The demands of cleaning a property that has a huge surface can be frustrating and too tedious for in-house staff. It becomes even more difficult when using brushes and brooms. With the help of professional pressure washing companies, a better job is done with the pressure machine, eliminating dust, and disintegrating other particles stuck on the floor, all with greater ease.

4. Take Advantage of the Company’s Experience

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Having worked for various clients, with different machines, and on a range of building materials, professional pressure washers have gathered experience with time. The instances of experimentation are therefore minimized and they can channel their energy and resources effectively.

A residential or commercial building can benefit from such a cleaning service in the following ways:

  • Appropriate Machines: Every pressure washer has its unique settings and the materials for which it is best suited. Lack of sufficient knowledge and experience can make your in-house cleaning staff make wrong decisions about the appropriate machine and how it should be applied. This can have a negative effect on the outcome. So, it is only wise to hire a professional pressure washer service to prevent such mistakes and wastage.
  • Eliminating Stubborn Stains: As buildings are exposed to various environmental conditions, they age, and stubborn stains can develop on roofs, pavements, glass surfaces, and walls. For example, The Asphalt Roofing Manufacturers Association (ARMA) recommends that shingles be cleaned using non-pressure, chemical methods. Professionals have the experience to know which machines and cleaning agents to use to get optimal results
  • Handling of Different Surfaces and Materials: The training and experience that have been gathered by professional pressure washers arm them with the knowledge and readiness to work on delicate materials and surfaces. For example, glass is made with different resistance to pressure. Professionals know how to handle that.

The benefit of this is that fewer accidents and losses related to cleaning are suffered.

5. Professional Service is Guaranteed

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Any work that’s handled professionally almost always guarantees good results. Constant supervision is required when cleaning is delegated to an in-house team, and the organization is responsible for any mistakes made in the process of cleaning. So, it is better to hire a professional pressure washing company instead.

There is a service contract that professional washing companies offer to their clients which forms the basis of accountability. This contract is a document in which boundaries and liabilities are established. For example, the document addresses the question of who is responsible if there are injuries or fatalities during cleaning, who is responsible for damage to accessories like building materials, office furniture, or poor quality of work.

The Cost of Hiring a Pro Pressure Washer is Worth Every Penny

Cleaning your residential and commercial buildings is a very important service that should be done regularly. With the help of a professional pressure washing company, you have access to the expertise and specialized machinery to achieve the highest-quality result.

Among other things, hiring a professional cleaning company helps to restore value to your property, saves you money and time, and you also get other professional services that your in-house cleaners cannot offer.

What’s more? Should you plan to sell a property, a sure way to restore its value and close a sale is to engage a professional pressure washing company to help you with the cleaning.

So, in the end, is the cost of a pressure washer service worth the investment? ABSOLUTELY!