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How to Fix Common House Foundation Problems

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No one buys a home and thinks that they will have it repaired eventually when the foundation cracks. But checking the interior and exterior of your house is important to know if the foundation requires repair. If the problem cannot be detected, it will be difficult to find the solution. In this article, we will be talking about detecting common house problems and then fixing them through some effective methods before you contact professionals for the same.

Checking For Problems

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Understand that just because you are checking from problems does not mean that they will appear. There are a list of problems that can be figured out based on the interior and exterior condition of the house walls. We will be listing them one by one.

Cracks on the Walls

If you spy any crack in the interior or exterior wall of your home it is a sign that the foundation probably needs repair. It does not always mean that the foundation needs repair but it is a potential problem which will need fixing. On the exterior surface the crack will be very visible and the brick might be protruding out of the wall.

Cracks on the interior will be very different than the exterior wall but are important to notice nonetheless. Any cracks on the walls or add the connection between the ceiling and the wall signal that the foundation may be the problem. The same goes for cracks between the floor and the walls on upper floors.

Uneven Floors

Uneven or crooked floats are a clear indicator that the foundation needs to be fixed as soon as possible with the help of professionals. If the floors are uneven the doors or windows will not be able to close all the way because of some resistance. Additionally, the brick wall will not allow the door or window frame to touch the wall because of its uneven nature. Simpler solutions can be done but the larger problem will lie at the foundation.

Tile Cracks

We have already established that an uneven or slanting floor is a clear sign of a foundation problem. If the floor is uneven it directly relates to the foundation beneath and signals that something needs to be done about it.

Since the tiles on the floor are related to the crooked foundation it is important to have it fixed if you spy any cracks on the tiles. It is important to understand that cracks on the tiles may also occur if something really heavy falls on it. Cracks due to a foundation problem will be more regular and frequent as compared to cracks due to any other reasons.

Wall Moving Away

No one needs an expert to tell them that something is wrong with their house if the wall is moving away from the structure. Usually a crack occurs on the wall when the foundation is uneven and needs repair. If this crack is not treated then the wall will start pulling away. This process is extremely slow but it can cause significant damage to the house and can even lead to collapsing.

How To Fix Common Foundation Problems?

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Now that you have understood the main problems it will be easy to fix them. We will still recommend contacting professionals to do the same so that the issue is fixed right away.

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Patching Things Up

There is nothing that a masonry patch cannot fix when it comes to repairing walls. Sealing the cracks as soon as they are spotted will help in mitigating the problem and reducing its negative effects.

However, it is important to understand that patching and ceiling will only work well for minor cracks and you will require some extra help for major repairs. Water damage can make the problem worse so it is important to use it as a temporary solution and eventually get the problem fixed. Using waterproof sealants is also very important until further repairs.

Piling and Piering

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This is a direct method of correcting the foundation and giving it a firmer base. Multiple piers are used at the foundation level in order to bring it up to standard. The main difference between these two methods is the way it is done. Piering requires excavation so that the process can be done only after everything is dug up.

The piling method essentially features driving files into the earth for maintaining a uniform floor. Using steel pressed piling is good in terms of saving costs and holding the base to the soil. Other techniques include concrete pressed piling, belled concrete piers, and helical steel piers.

MudJacking or Slab Jacking

Much like the car jacking method is used to lift up the car while one changes the tyre, this is a method to lift up the base to make it more even. This method is also called concrete lifting and works well to raise garage floors, porches, walkways and driveways. The soil underneath has air pockets which are liable to shift from time to time.

It causes the foundation to tilt unevenly and will require repairs. In the slab jacking method, 2 holes are drilled into the floor and a solution of natural materials are put into the holes. As the mixture goes in, the floor is lifted so that it is even once again. This is a quick process which is also cost effective and requires little to no clean up.

The Takeaway

The three methods mentioned to fix common house foundation problems are the most widely used because of easy application. MudJackibg, piling and patching the cracks are all important depending on the severity of the problem. One first needs to understand all the different problems and how they can be related to the foundation. Inspecting the house from time to time will allow one to take immediate action in case any issue is detected.