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Tips for Repairing Broken Window Glass

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Do you have any broken glass windows that you want to repair? If yes, then this post is going to be very helpful for you. A broken window is not safe for your home because it allows harsh weather and also many small insects to enter your home. Fortunately, there are some steps that you can take to fix them up. Let us have a look at these points below:

Removing the Broken Glass Carefully:

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The very first thing that you need to do is to remove the broken glass carefully by following all the safety measures. To ensure that the glass particles do not fall apart while you work, you can apply duct tape on the cracked portion. Working with sharp materials like glass can be dangerous. Therefore, you should always wear gloves and safety glasses while working with such materials.

You can use a utility knife to remove the glass particles from the frame. Also, ensure to remove all the fastenings and old glazing around the broken window pane. Use little heat to pull the putty easily.

Measure the Frame:

Before you buy the new glass to replace the broken window glass, you need to take the measurements of the frame. Measure the height and the width of the frame and also the outside edges of L-channels. After that you need to subtract ⅛ inch from every measurement to buy a new glass of that size. When you buy a slightly smaller glass than the frame, it becomes easier to fit inside the frame. It also provides a little space for expansion and contraction.

Cut Your Own Glass:

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You can also cut a piece of glass yourself assuming you have a huge sheet of stock glass. Put the glass on a perfect, level work surface. Make marks for the cutting line with a marker. Put a metal straightedge on the imprint and score the cutting line onto the glass utilizing a glass cutter. A cutter has a little metal wheel for scoring the glass. Make certain to wear security glasses and gloves.

Mounting the Glass:

To put the glass in the window, hold it carefully inside the frame. You will need to utilize glazier’s points, squeezing them into the edge to assist with holding the glass set up. You don’t have to use so much pressure on the glazier points. Afterwards you have to apply clay around the window frame. You might have to massage the clay first assuming it is excessively thick. When it is set up, smooth it out with a putty knife.

Allow the putty to dry then paint over it with a decent exterior paint. Make certain to tidy up any broken pieces of glass from the area. If you believe you didn’t put the window glass accurately, contact a specialist to check it properly.

Reasons to Replace a Broken Glass Window

Whenever people see a cracked glass window, they look for temporary solutions to fix it up. But these temporary solutions will not last very long. Therefore, you should consider replacing your broken glass window as soon as you can because it is the main source of ventilation in your house. Apart from this, there are various other reasons behind replacing a broken glass window as follows:

Reduced Leaks:

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Having a broken window would bring about expanded air spills. Your warming or cooling system might become insufficient and it would set you back more on the energy costs. It is one of the main motivations behind why you ought to get the window supplanted quickly. Regardless of how much you try to cover the cracked portion, it would leak anyway. Replacing the glass window will help you in controlling your energy bills.


Safety is a significant issue with regards to a messed up or broken window. It becomes important to fix or replace it as soon as conceivable to protect your home and assets from any burglaries or harms. We generally propose to get it replaced by the experts. However, if you have planned to do it yourself, ensure to wear gloves and safety glasses while working on it.

Enhances the Appearance of Your Home:

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It is believed that the windows are the eyes to your house’s spirit. Do you believe that those eyes should be broken and trashy looking, or unblemished and flawless? Presumably all will prefer the latter option. If that is the situation, you ought to fix any wrecked windows as soon as possible. You’ll have a wonderful home that catches the eyes of the neighbors and bystanders, rather than something that helps them to remember a haunted place.

Weather Resistant:

A window isn’t simply meant to keep your air in — it keeps the weather from outside where it should be. Obviously, you don’t need downpour, hail and other weather conditions getting inside when it is harsh weather outside. The best way to guarantee that doesn’t occur is to fix a broken window immediately. You will have to spend money on it but it will be totally worth it in the long-term.

Protects the Interior:

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Assuming you have colored glass windows, a crack would permit the sun rays to enter your home. Daylight can make the furnishings fade and lose its unique tone. To protect the interior of your home from fading, you should replace the broken window glass without any delay.


It is essential to repair or replace a cracked glass window because it can damage the interior of your home. Apart from this, it also helps in reducing the leaks. You can contact the professionals if you do not want to do this work yourself. However, if you plan to fix it yourself, you should follow the above mentioned tips to repair the broken window glass carefully. Ensure to take all the safety measures to prevent any damage or harm.