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Kenja No Mago Season Two – Release Date, Cast, Review 2024

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Kenja No Mago means wise man’s grandchild. The story was first seen in a light novel and later was adapted into an anime series. It is one of the most-watched anime shows in Asia.

A Peek Into The Storyline

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This fantasy series is filled with supernatural elements. The anime series has been directed by Masafumi Tamura. Season one would give us hints to what we can expect in season two.

It truly would be a dream come true to be born once again and live the best life ever. Shin Wolford was lucky enough to have a second life that too with superpowers. In his last life, he was a salesperson. He was blessed with the best in his new life. Sage Merlin Wolford adopts him and teaches him many magic tricks. He names the baby Shin. Sage Merlin realized that he forgot to teach an important skill to Shin and that was common sense.

Diseum was the king of Earlshide Kingdom. He recommends Shin attend his magical academy to obtain mastery over magical tricks. Shin is trained by the finest. He ends up rescuing two girls Sizilien and Maria from abductors. Towards the end, he becomes the owner of a magical club.

Casting Choices We Can Expect

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The three main leads will also be seen in season two. Yusuke Kobayashi gives voice to the character of Shin Wolford. He is given another chance at life after he was reborn. In his first life, he died in a truck accident. He is trained by some of the finest people in the field of magic. Sage Merlin, Melida Bowen, and Michele Collins train him. He has the power to modify the magic gear.

In his second life, he still recalls his past life. He finds love and gets engaged to Sicily. Shin laters uses his magic against demons who attack their city. He joins a group called Ultimate Magicians.

Sizilien Sicily Von Claude is Shin’s fiance. Rinna Honizummi gave voice to Sicily. She saw Shin as a man with great morals. Sizilien was beautiful and is the youngest female sage. She had exquisite features and was known for her luscious blue hair.

Merlin Wolford is a mastermind who has trained Shin. He is one of the wisest sages and is well known in the kingdom. He and his wife were known for their brave moves. Their kind service to society gave them recognition. There are many other side characters as well.

When Can We Expect The Release

The first season was released in 2019. The makers of the show are yet to announce the release date of season two. The trailer will be released soon.

Things You May Want To Know About

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The story has been adapted into a manga series and a novel series as well. This has covered a wide spectrum of audiences and has gained a lot of attention. It has also been adopted into Tankobon volumes. This has created a huge uproar in Japan as the Tankobon series is read by a huge number of people.

Summing It Up

Anime shows never fail to surprise us. Season one was a hit and the audience is eagerly waiting for season two.