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Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality Included Carrying a DVD Player ‘Wherever He Was’

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Kobe Bryant is one of the greatest basketball players of all time, which makes it a bit odd that he didn’t always have a DVD player wherever he went. This custom he felt so strongly about apparently had roots in his childhood, as he said in a feature titled “Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality Included Carrying a DVD Player ‘Wherever He Was’” on Grantland.com: I just felt like I needed to be different, like I needed to be different, especially when I was young, and carry a DVD player with me when I go to school, when I go to other people’s houses. I would carry a DVD with me, wherever I went.

This past year, Kobe Bryant kept a DVD player in his locker, and it’s gone largely unnoticed until now, as the Los Angeles Laker legend makes a rare appearance in the news.

Kobe Bryant’s most famous game-winning shot against the Utah Jazz in 2007 is remembered for one of the most insane scenes in NBA history.

Although Kobe Bryant is no longer among us, the star of the Los Angeles Lakers has had a huge impact on pop culture. During his time on the floor, the defender developed his famous Mamba mentality, which over the years has become synonymous with absolute dedication.

Kobe, for better or worse, was not afraid to work. There are many stories about his incredible work ethic, but one small anecdote illustrates just how far Bryant was willing to go. According to coach Tim Grover, the Lakers guard carried a DVD player that allowed him to study movies at any time.

Kobe Bryant used Michael Jordan’s famous work ethic and created the Mamba mentality

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As most basketball fans know, Bryant admired Michael Jordan and tried to follow in his footsteps on the court. At least the Lakers star had the work ethic of MJ. Kobe has always been a hard worker, but after creating the Black Mamba character, he took it a step further. When he took on this alias, the Mamba mentality became apparent.

The Mamba mentality is about focusing on the process and believing in working hard when it matters most, the Lakers legend told Amazon Book Review. This is the best mantra for the competitive mind. While this may sound like a platitude preached at a business meeting, Bryant put into practice what he preached. He studied the referee’s handbook, practiced without basketball, and did everything he could to gain some advantage on the court.

Carry DVD player for unprepared learning of films

word-image-13591 Kobe Bryant during the 2008 NBA Finals. | Jim Rogash/Getty Images Today, DVD players are a little-known technology, usually kept in attics and flea markets. However, during Bryant’s NBA career, they proved to be invaluable technology. In his new book, Tim Grover, who coached both Jordan and Bryant, provides insight into Kobe’s habits and work ethic. The Lakers star apparently took the study of film so seriously that he had his own DVD player.

Bryant also carried a DVD player to watch feature films wherever he went, according to the CNBC article. According to Grover, watching film footage of every game and every opponent helped him adapt to every possible scenario before the game. Kobe couldn’t stop there, of course. Not only did he study movies obsessively, but he did it in the wee hours of the morning. From 2:00 to 4:00 a.m., Kobe was on this… Unless he’s in the gym throwing strikes, Grover wrote.

In the end, Kobe Bryant’s efforts paid off

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From a distance, some of Bryant’s methods seem a bit over the top. While hard work and preparation certainly have their value, did an incredibly talented NBA player really have to put in so much effort to succeed? While we’ll never know the answer to that question, Kobe’s efforts certainly paid off. During his time on the floor, the Lakers defender has done just about everything you can imagine. Bryant has proven to be a great scorer, a tough defender and, most importantly, a compulsive winner. He won five NBA championships, was named NBA MVP, played in 18 All-Star games, and brought home enough silverware to win every trophy.

Even before his tragic death, Kobe had taken his rightful place in basketball history and popular culture. After all, the Mamba mentality is part of that legacy, rule books, DVD players and all.Kobe Bryant has followed in Michael Jordan’s footsteps both on the dance floor and the basketball courtKobe Bryant is not the most famous person in the world, but he is definitely a huge name in basketball.

One of the most famous and influential athletes that has ever played the game, Kobe Bryant has already reached the pinnacle of his profession. However, his journey to the top of the sports world has not been a smooth one. Kobe Bryant’s journey was not without struggle, suffering and multiple injuries. Nonetheless, he persevered and came back to his former glories.. Read more about mamba mentality summary and let us know what you think.

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Why did Kobe write Mamba mentality?

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If you’ve ever played basketball, you know that on the court, a player’s choice of where to stand is extremely important. When going for a rebound, you need to know where the ball is, and which player is taking the shot. The same goes for when you’re on defense: if the ball is shot from the top of the key, you need to know where to stand in order to keep it out of the basket. In his book “Playing in Traffic”, Kobe Bryant talks about this concept. For many people their favorite basketball player is Kobe Bryant. Bryant’s performance has always been outstanding, but the guy is also extremely funny! Bryant has a habit of being the first one to show up to a party, and his funny mamba mentality is no different. Kobe Bryant’s Mamba Mentality included carrying a DVD player where ever he was.

Who has Mamba mentality?

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In the 2010-2011 season, the LA Lakers were the NBA Champions. In the 2011-2012 season, the LA Lakers were the NBA Champions. In the 2012-2013 season, the LA Lakers were the NBA Champions. If you’ve ever watched any Kobe Bryant basketball highlights from the 2000s, you’ll know just what the Mamba Mentality is all about. No’ money, no’ problems. The Mamba Mentality is a bit over-exaggerated, of course, and it’s still fun to point out when Kobe does something off the beaten path.

Who wrote Kobe Bryant the Mamba mentality?

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A few years back, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant started carrying a portable DVD player (one of the first portable DVD players, known as the DVD-177) with him wherever he went. At first, it was just to watch movies on the plane. It didn’t take long for his teammates to start joking with him about bringing some entertainment along while he was on the road, and he started taking movies along with him everywhere. It wasn’t long before the rest of the team started doing it, as well, and all of them joked about streaming Netflix movies when they got on the plane.

When Kobe Bryant was drafted with the second overall pick in 1996, he was expected to be an immediate star. However, he proved to be a very erratic player and eventually was traded to the Lakers. He would go on to have a huge impact on the Lakers and the NBA, leading the team to five NBA titles, including three straight titles from 2000-2002.