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How to Remove Scratches From Sunglasses – 2024 Guide

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As we are wearing our sunglasses regularly during the summer days, can easily happen some scratches appear on the lens surface. Cleaning it is not easy if the scratch is deep, and it damages the glasses completely.

For tiny ones, there are some ways to do that, but you need to be very careful while using the cleaning products and fabrics to remove them.

It really doesn’t matter if you plan to buy your pair from a store or you are using websites like occhiali.blog to get to know which ones are the best, and then order them online – you anyway have to learn more about the proper maintenance, so you can have your beautiful pair of sunglasses for a longer time.

There are proven ways to try, as using a special cloth or stain remover, but there are also alternative ways to do that. We tried to find as many ways as possible, so you can fix your glasses and wear them a few more seasons, without them messing with the sight in front of your eyes.

So, let’s see some of that methods:

1. The old and good baking soda

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It may seem like it will do more damage, but if you use the exact amount of water and soda to create a paste, the consistency will be just great to put the mixture over the lenses.

In general, you need one part of water and two parts baking soda, and rub it using a cotton ball. Make only circular movements, not straight. Don’t rub it violently.

Once you are done, you need to wash them with cold water and remove the excess soda paste. You can repeat it as much as you need.

Also, don’t expect all the scratches to be removed. They will be smoother, and that’s all you need once the damage is done.

2. Some type of wax

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It’s good to use the type of wax you need to polish your car. Some experienced scratch removers say the popular wax melts and candles, and also the hair styling wax will work nicely if you gently apply it over the sunglasses surface.

Use a lint-free cloth to wipe that away, without pushing too hard. Once you are done, you can try them on and see if you need to repeat the procedure.

3. Furniture polishing spray or paste

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If it works for your table or cupboards, it will probably work on the sunglasses too. It’s not a permanent solution, but if you don’t have anything else, you can use the same product you use to polish your furniture.

Use a very small amount, and then remove it with a proper cloth. If it works for you, you can repeat it every now and then, without investing in more expensive products.

4. Liquid soap for dishes

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Take a container that is big enough to put the glasses inside. Fill it up with lukewarm water.

Rub the liquid soap over the lenses, without pushing too hard, so you won’t make more scratches. Use your fingers to do that. Wash them with lukewarm water first, and finally, wash them with cold running water.

You can even make a spray of water and a little soap and use it every now and then. You only need to remove the excess soap from them with a piece of textile.

5. White vinegar

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Use a piece of cotton and some white vinegar to clean the glasses. The good thing is that it may not fix the scratches, but it will remove the buildup from them, making the whole cleaning process easier.

Also, you will be surprised how much sweat, skin oils, cosmetics, and sea drops you have in the edges. The vinegar can be a miracle cleaning product, especially if you use it properly.

6. Baby wet wipes

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If they are good for a baby’s sensitive skin, there is no reason why they won’t be the same for your sunglasses.

Use them carefully, and if needed, remove the excess liquid with a dry cloth. This method works the best with wipes for very sensitive skin.

The others may have a lot of perfume or soapy ingredients and can do bigger damage than it’s already done.

You can also use makeup removing wipes too, because they contain micellar water in most cases, which collects the greasy particles, making the surface easier to clean with water.

Don’t use oil-based makeup removing wipes, because they can attract more dirt and dust over the glasses.

7. A special product for this purpose

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All the tricks we mentioned above will work more or less. But do you know which method is the best? Using the special products and cloths for this purpose. You can buy them together with the glasses.

That’s the only way to be sure you won’t do any damage to your sunglasses, and that they will keep their protection features and polarization, so they can work properly.

Every other method brings some risk because you can use higher concentrations of vinegar or wipes that are full of perfume.

But with the scratch-removing sprays and cloths to fix all of that, you can be 100% sure you have the right product in your hands.

Bonus tip: Use your jewelry polish product to remove the scratches from the lenses. It’s very effective if you use it on hard and deeper scratches. Make sure you apply a small amount with your fingertips and make sure you don’t put a lot over the frame, especially if the cleanser contains acetone or alcohol.

It will help you remove the debris, but don’t leave it too long on them. Wash it off with runny cool water.

We really hope that you won’t need to perform any of these methods on your newest pair of sunglasses. But, if you have older ones with some scratches all over them, but they are in a good condition, you can simply try some of these things, and make sure you can wear them for a few more years.