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6 Tips for Using Vacuum Storage Bags Correctly

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Getting your items properly stored is important both for their longevity and for space-saving purposes. Most things can be just stored without the need to use any equipment. However, the air can become a problem since it makes items twice as big.

Luckily, by using vacuum storage bags, you get the air removed and you free up a lot more space. That can be used to make your storage units cleaner or get more things stored in the free space that you have acquired.

Although most vacuum storage bags work the same way, it is highly recommended to go through the tips we provided to ensure using them correctly.

Choose the Right Type

With various sizes of storage bags, it is important to get the right one. For that reason, understand how many items you want to store inside a bag, and consider their size.

In addition, there are three major variants of these bags. The regular flat option is most suitable for clothing, while the cubed and tote bags are better for larger items such as bed covers and blankets.

Open Up and Place the Bag Properly

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After deciding what is the right option for your needs, open up the bag and lay it on a flat surface. The opening is done by pulling the contrary zipper parts just like any other zipper bag. Although it may be hard, especially if you are using them for the first time, that is the only way to stick to it.

Consider What Items Are You Storing

Not everything can be stored using regular vacuum storage bags. For that reason, make a great selection of items that will be stored using this method. The best way is to stick to clothing and soft materials since they have the most air that can be removed for storing.

Do not vacuum food, or items whose edges can puncture the moving vacuum bag. Before placing the items, ensure they are dry because otherwise they will smell moldy and might be ruined.

Seal the Bag

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Before you do the seal, ensure proper alignment of the clothing. It has to be nicely folded and flat inside the bag to prevent creasing and irregularities. In addition, you can put a scented paper to improve the smell of the clothing.

After making sure everything is placed nicely, secure the moving vacuum bag with the zipper seal. Go from one end to another, and be thorough. It is advisable to check the zipper by running your fingers through it at least two times to ensure a proper seal.

Start With Vacuuming

Remove the cap on the bag and place your vacuuming pipe on top of it. Turn on the machine and watch how all the air gets removed and the clothes become slimmer. As soon as there are no other changes, and the machine begins working louder, you are done. Close the cap and get ready to find a storage place.

Store Them Properly

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The last thing you need to do is to find an appropriate place for the storage bags. It is advisable to keep them away from your youngsters and place them somewhere flat.

In addition, ensure they are not close to any heat source because they can get burnt. Lastly, don’t store them outside since the plastic can get damaged leaving your items unprotected.