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What Measuring System Does the US Use?

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If you don’t live in America and you are used to using the metric system you’ve probably at least once found yourself in a difficult situation. You needed to convert certain units into pounds or ounces and you were probably confused and wondering ‘what are these units and where did they come from’? And yes, most people find themselves in this position, because they are not familiar with the Imperial system of measurement. This is the case because most of the countries use a metric system. However, in the US things are a little different. Instead of meters, grams and other units you are used to, you need to know how to use feet and inches – basic units in the Imperial system of measurement.

Why Does the US Use the Imperial System of Measurement and Not Metric System?

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The imperial system of measurement dates back to the period between the sixteenth and nineteenth centuries. During this period, the British Empire ruled many parts of the world, and this system was one of the things that came from there. Although the metric system of measurement gained considerable popularity in the 18th century and although the United States gained independence in 1776, they retained the Imperial system of measurement and it has survived to this day. While it can confuse the lives of all non-Americans, Americans are accustomed to using units of measurement such as pounds, inches, feet, and ounces.

Some of the main reasons why the Americans kept the Imperial system of measurement were time and money. At the time the US gained independence, this system was used in most factories. Although there were initiatives in Congress to overthrow the Imperial system and take over the metric, American citizens rejected this transition because it would mean changing the country’s entire infrastructure, which would be costly and time consuming. In the end, it was decided that the Imperial system would remain in USA. Today, many believe that it was the right choice, because it is one of the things that makes the US special and stands out from the rest.

How to Translate the Basic Units of the Imperial System of Measurement Into the Basic Units of the Metric System

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1 foot is 12 inches. One inch is 25 millimeters (2.54 centimeters), and one foot is a total of 30 centimeters. 3 feet is equal to one meter. If you additionally need help with converting millimeters to centimeters and vice versa, then this length converter will be helpful. One pound is just under 500 grams (454), while one kilogram is a little over 2 pounds.

In addition to these mentioned units, there is another difference. In America, Celsius is not used to express temperature, but Fahrenheit, so this is another thing you will want to pay attention to. If you want to convert units, 0 degrees Celsius is equal to 32 degrees Fahrenheit.


Unlike most countries in the world, the US does not use the metric but the Imperial measurement system. While this may be a bit tricky to visitors, the fact is that this measurement system is what sets the US apart from other countries and brings a dose of diversity to our lives.