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Advantages And Disadvantages Of Live Betting

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From all the ways you can make money off sports betting, live betting is probably the one gamblers hesitate to try the most. Live betting means placing bets on live sports games.

This form of betting does come with its advantages and disadvantages. So if you’re interested in what they are, this is the article for you. In our short guide, we will cover the topic and hopefully clear the water as to why some prefer live over normal betting.

Advantage: Insight Into the Game

Before a game starts, we’re never quite sure about anything. In a game between Manchester City and Newcastle United, we can be pretty sure that City is the favorite. But that doesn’t mean City will always win. Shock results take everyone by surprise. One way to predict a shock result is to watch the game live and hopefully figure out what the outcome of the game will be.

Then, you can place a live bet and hopefully win. The additional insight and analysis we get from watching games live is precisely the reason why people love live betting. This is even more evident with tight games where there isn’t a clear favorite. By watching the flow of the game and how the play feels on the day, we can successfully predict an outcome.

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Disadvantage: Emotions Could Play A Part

You might be watching a game live and expect one of the teams to take the lead. A very popular bet is to play on the next team that scores a goal. This is quite possibly the biggest reason why live betting is so popular. By watching and analyzing the game, you get a better feel for which team could score first. So you go with your gut, but the opposing team scores.

This can be a tough pill to swallow. Even worse, it plays a part on your emotions. You might be 100% certain that Manchester City will score the next goal, but Newcastle does it instead despite only having 20% possession of the ball.

When that happens, your emotions run riot. You start chasing the next goal, then the next goal, and the next goal, until you lose everything. Live betting plays more on your emotions. To protect yourself from it, you need to learn how to stop and take a timeout.

Advantage: Better Odds

One of the biggest disadvantages of pre-match betting is that the odds aren’t as good. Manchester City will always have very low odds compared to Newcastle. But when live betting, you can take advantage of the situation and look for opportunities before the bookmakers have the time to adjust the odds for certain outcomes.

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Disadvantage: Tough To Formulate A Plan

Whenever pre-match betting, it’s much easier to formulate a plan. You might have a three-fold, four-fold, five-fold, or six-fold on your bet slip. You might have done a full analysis and feel confident.

You don’t get that with live betting. Since you can bet on the game live, you’re only betting on one game. Sure, you can combine a few games, but the games have to live. Because of that, live betting works if you’re looking to score big on a live game.