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7 Ideas to Spend Time with Enjoyment

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The winter days are gone. The weather is getting better, the sun shines longer and it’s time to stay outside longer enjoying your spare time! The question for most people now is “What to do that I’ll enjoy?” The following list will help you out. It gives you 7 ideas on how to spend your valuable time with enjoyment.

1. Cook something new

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It’s great if you can cook, but cooking is a challenge not only for those who don’t know how to do it. A recipe does not need to be very difficult and even if some steps seem difficult at first, they become easy over and over again and before you know it, you just keep repeating them without thinking. Cooking is also something very creative, even if you follow a recipe that you got from somewhere else.

Cooking is not an expensive hobby and there are many cheap recipes for everyone! If you like to cook healthy food, try out simple meals with fewer ingredients like salads or soups. They can be spiced up in different ways to have new tastes every day.

2. Walking

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A big advantage of walking is that it’s free, simple and doesn’t require any equipment. Also you can do it everywhere – just wear comfortable shoes! As far as the time is concerned – use your spare time to walk around your block or through the park.

3. Working out

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Many people don’t go to the sport because there is not enough motivation or time. The solution for this problem is very simple – just split the workout into smaller pieces and do it every day instead of once a week! For example, if you’d like to go to the gym, leave the house 30 minutes earlier every day and do half an hour of “home” workouts.

This way you will never miss a workout again! On the other side, it’s also a great opportunity for everyone who would like to be a little bit more sportive but doesn’t have too much time or money – just train at home! You can check out some free workouts on Youtube.

4. Do something creative

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Creativity is one of those features that everyone needs as far as their professional life is concerned. It’s not only important if someone wants to create music or write books – even if you want to use Excel in your work, creativity is needed! For example, try to create your own Excel model. This task is not very difficult and most importantly, it’s fun! It doesn’t matter if you succeed or not – the process is what counts here.

Creativity is for everyone! There are many courses on Youtube where creativity is taught in a simple way. The best thing about them is that they are free of charge! Creativity can be defined as being different from others – this means if you are creative, your work will stand out!

5. Learn something new

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You don’t have to go to school in order to learn something new. Simply search the topic you’d like to learn about on Google and start reading blogs or listening to podcasts that you like. It’s a great idea to learn something new because it’s an investment in yourself!

Everyone can learn how to do some stuff on their own. Even if the level of knowledge about certain topics is not very high – it will give you some more experiences and confidence for the future. A great example of such a topic is Excel, which many people work with on daily basis and think they know everything there is to know about it. This is obviously not true – Excel has so many functionalities and tricks that it takes years to discover them all!

6. Play online casino

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Everyone knows that an online casino is a place where you can win money and spend the evening having fun with your friends. What is not widely known, however, is that playing games like blackjack or roulette for free at an online casino portal like betsson casino is one of the best ways to improve your odds in such games! There are many portals that offer this possibility – just search them on Google and look for something like “casino bonus” or “free play”.

7. Reading

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You don’t need to go to school to learn about new things and broaden your mind. Just read books! They will tell you so many interesting things about different topics and they are usually written in a way that is easy to understand. All you need in order to read books is basic knowledge of the language you are reading in.

Reading is beneficial from many points of view. First, it helps to keep the mind young and healthy. You can learn new things about topics that are totally new to you. Finally, reading is cheap – there are many places where you can borrow books for free or get them really cheap (e.g. second-hand shops).


So, these are some ideas on how to spend free time in a more productive way. It doesn’t matter if you want to learn something new about Excel, be more creative, or simply try out a new hobby – we believe everyone can benefit from these activities.

Have fun!