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4 Online Casino Games That Are Not Based Only on Luck

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As you already know, most online casino games are based purely on luck, however, this doesn’t mean that there are some options that are skill-based. This means that in order for you to win, you’ll have to learn and use a wide range of skills, strategies, and techniques. To help you choose a suitable game for yourself, here is a list of the top four online casino games that are not only based on luck but skills as well:

1. The Most Complex Option – “Craps”

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Besides needing skills to win, craps are one of the most complex and daunting games that you could choose to play, which is why you might first want to learn everything there is about it before playing. Nonetheless, the rules are simple, you’ll have to place a wager on the outcome and then roll two dice. Whether you get the numbers wrong or right, the results will basically depend on the dice. To understand the rules better, you should play a couple of rounds before placing bigger wagers.

2. For The Math-Savvy – “Blackjack”

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It’s safe to say that this game is a combination of skill and luck and it’s also a difficult game, meaning that you’ll need to learn various mathematical strategies and techniques in order to win. Some of the things that you must learn include counting cards, monitoring shuffles, and hole carding, and you should know, it’s one of those games where you’ll wager against the card dealer, not other players. You can try playing Blackjack at the online casino Europa N1 Bet.

3. For Gamers – “Slots Based on Skills”

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If you love playing video games, skill-based slots might be the best online casino game, mostly because the game will require you to control where you shoot and which targets you hit. When compared to traditional machines, these have a higher RTP, meaning that you can end up winning the game more often than losing. Keep in mind, it’ll take some time to get used to playing it, mostly because it is different from the traditional game we’re all used to.

4. For Good Actors – “Poker”

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If there is one game from this list that you should try, it’s poker, mostly because it’s completely skill-based and it’ll require you to have a really good hand or to convince other participants that you have the best cards so that they end up folding. It’s more than simply placing wagers, it’s also about having patience, observing other players, and learning how to convince your opponents that you have better cards than them, thus, before placing wagers, try some free demo versions to improve your skills.


Although most people think that all online casino games are based on luck, this isn’t entirely true. In fact, there is a wide range of games that’ll require a little bit of luck and a lot of skills, and if you haven’t tried such options before, don’t lose time. Instead, go through our article one more time, determine which option might be best for you, and from there, start learning different skills and techniques that’ll help you win!