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How to Choose the Right Size Coffee Table for Your Room

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If you want to freshen up your home and bring new energy into it there are a few things you can do. But one of the simplest is definitely purchasing a new coffee table. We all know that the coffee table is a universal piece of furniture that is useful when you want to have coffee with your best friend, but it also can serve you as a shelf for storing books.

You can place a vase on it with your favorite flowers or rest your feet after a hard day. It is so practical! Of course, to make the most of your new coffee table you need to pay attention to a few things to make sure you choose the best one. Here is how to choose the right size Hamptons coffee table for your room.

Adjust the size of the coffee table to the rest of the room

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The first thing you want to think about here is what size table would be appropriate for the room you want to place it in. Too big Hamptons coffee table can take up too much space, while too small will look aesthetically unacceptable, because it will be almost imperceptible compared to the rest of the furniture and details in the room.

Think about which size would be best, and then make sure you buy just such a table and not some other just because you prefer aesthetics or practicality.

Height should be carefully calculated

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The standard height of the coffee table is a little less than 20 inches, but don’t forget that the height should be adjusted to the sofa or armchair next to the coffee table. As a rule, when it comes to the height of the table, you should orient yourself depending on the pillows on the sofa or armchair. The height of the Hamptons coffee table should be one or two inches shorter than the top of the pillow.

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Here you can find a variety of different Hamptons coffee tables and choose the one that fits perfectly in the room you want to place it in.

Think about what you will use it for

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Another factor that influences the choice of Hamptons coffee table size is the function it will have. If you want the coffee table to be an exclusively aesthetic detail, then it doesn’t have to be too big, because there is no need for that.

However, if you plan to use it as a serving table, to place books, flowers and other decorative items on it, then it is definitely a better option to consider a large coffee table that will provide enough space for everything you need.


Adding a new coffee table to your home can help you refresh the energy and improve the aesthetics of the room. The key step in choosing a table is finding the right size one. To ensure that you find the optimal size Hamptons coffee table, adjust it to the rest of the room, calculate the height of the table you need and consider what its functions will be.