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6 Clothing Tips and Tricks for Airsoft Beginners 

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If you wish to play Airsoft, you have got to be prepared for all the unforeseen circumstances, including proper gear and clothing. Apart from learning to be good at the game, clothing is an essential aspect of how a player performs and can impact your potential to beat the other team. Therefore, appropriate clothing is a necessity that every player must fulfill that will give them the tactical edge they need during an intense battle of Airsoft. Therefore, if you are looking for appropriate clothes to wear to an Airsoft game, here are some tips and tricks for beginners.

Don’t forget to wear Eye Protection

Your precise vision is what will give you the edge in a game of Airsoft. As a result, you need to pick durable eye protection gear to avoid having to worry about bruises around the eyes or getting hurt. Individuals who resort to buying cheap eye protection often experience glass shattering in the middle of the game and expose their eyes to the incoming BBs. As a result, always go for quality when it comes to choosing among goggles, glasses, or masks mandatory for eye protection.

You can also verify the quality of the eye protection gear you have purchased by shooting at it with an Airsoft gun and checking whether the glass breaks. With good brands, you will never have to worry about the grade of the gear because they test it numerous times before sending it to the store. With proper eye protection gear, you can play as brutally as you want without having to worry about getting bruises around your eyes.

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Get Comfortable Clothes

Airsoft is a game that requires flexibility and agility. And, you must show your strengths on the battlefield instead of boasting about your skills in the locker room. Since actions speak louder than words, show the enemy team how good you are at the game by burying every single one of their members in shame. However, you will only be able to do this when you show up for the game in comfortable clothing. Most beginners prefer wearing a hoodie during their initial rounds of the game. Moreover, a hoodie can provide adequate protection to the torso, which is the area most shooted at in an Airsoft game.

You can also prefer wearing gym or fitness clothes to move as comfortably as you want throughout the field. However, you shouldn’t wear something that is thin in quality because it might hurt when you get hit by a BB bullet. Furthermore, to protect yourself from shots at knuckles or fingertips, consider wearing gloves. Not only will it protect your hands, but it will also give you a better grip on your Airsoft gun.

Wear Boots

Every experienced Airsoft player will advise you to invest in good boots before a big game night. Since the game involves a lot of movement, wearing comfortable boots is a necessity every player must fulfill. Wearing footwear that might give you a shoe bite in the middle of a game can endanger your team to a nasty loss. Therefore, if you don’t want to lose, consider purchasing a good pair of boots that will help you move around. While running around, you may twist an ankle, but a good pair of boots can provide stability and balance you will need to win the game. To know more about the clothing requirements for a game of Airsoft, visit the softair.blog.

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Safety Helmet/ Baseball Hat

If you own a baseball or safety helmet, bring it along to your big game night. It can provide you with an added layer of protection as BB bullets can hit your head, which will hurt for days. Therefore, to safeguard yourself from all probable injuries, get yourself a helmet, and while playing, put it on to save yourself from nasty shots. While playing, most of us are not careful about where we are hitting the other person. We get so wrapped up in our adrenaline that it gets to stay careful all the time. As a result, as a player, you must exercise all precautions and wear a helmet or a baseball hat to the game.

Get a Puffy or Leather Jacket

If you do not want to get hurt over and over, wearing leather or a puffy jacket to the game can be an intelligent choice. There is nothing thicker than a leather jacket and will provide you with the added layer of protection you need. If you ask the experienced players, they will say that BB bullets don’t feel through it.

However, this trick might not work if you own a soft or thin leather jacket. Therefore, look for one you think is the thickest and at the same time offers you the flexibility to move freely. Moreover, when a BB bullet strikes a leather jacket, it makes a pop sound. As a result, you will not have to worry about accidentally calling the shots during the game.

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Wear Thick Trousers

Several people don’t care about the clothing they are supposed to wear during an Airsoft game, and to some extent, we get them. However, if you will not like to run around with bruises for the next week, it is essential that you wear appropriate clothing that will safeguard you from nasty shots. As a result, invest in a thick pair of trousers before scheduling an Airsoft game. Wearing thicker overalls will help you protect yourself from injuries that can go on for weeks. Even if you don’t care about getting bruises, it is generally recommended against wearing shorts or knickers to an Airsoft game.

The Bottom Line

Airsoft can be all fun and games until someone gets hurt. Therefore, you must safeguard yourself during the game and not expect others to be careful while hitting you. As a result, investing in comfortable clothing for the game can go a long way in helping you win the battle against your archenemy.