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4 Countries You Need To Visit In 2024 If You Are A Golf Fan

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Golf, like any other sport, is pure love that can easily get under your skin. Its popularity has reached global proportions. Every golf fan knows what kind of feeling is the adrenaline associated with enjoyment. Do you think that golf is a matter of prestige or a brilliant sport? If you have decided on the first option, then you are not a golf fan, while the rest of you reading this article will have a lot of interesting things on offer.

Enthusiasts of this sport are always looking for wonderful golf courses to make their game as interesting as possible. Many destinations around the world that have great golf courses in their way, great golf resorts as well as those that organize championship competitions. So let’s take a look together at which 4 countries you need to visit in 2024 if you are a golf fan.

1. Scotland

img source: telegraph.co.uk

Do you play golf and haven’t visited the UK yet? Pack yourself because you don’t want to miss what Scotland has to offer! It is generally known that Scotland hosts many top sports and has beautiful nature. For golfers, it is a place at the top of the list. Golf clubs, 18-hole courses, beautiful landscape, are just some of the things Scotland provides. Its best golf courses are: Gleneagles, Muirfield, Royal Dornoch, Old Course St. Andrews and many more.

2. New Zealand

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How does it sound to you to play golf with a stunning view of the Pacific Ocean? New Zealand boasts the most numerous golf courses in the world. They even have 418 of them! New Zealand’s golf courses, with a beautiful landscape and environment will attract you whether you play golf or not.

The British influence can be noticed here. Their love of golf has moved a little further east. If you are looking for an escape from the cold and rainy winter and you are looking for an ideal sunny place to play your favorite sport, go to New Zealand. Places with golf courses that you should not miss are: Bay Island, Matauri Bay, Taupo, etc.

3. Florida

img source: pga.com

If you are staying in the USA and looking for an ideal place for golf, then Florida should not be bypassed. In addition to having the sunniest days of the year, this state is a true golf fan. There are a huge number of public golf courses and clubs that each of you can access and learn more about this sport.

There are many resorts, competitions and courses offered by Florida, and the site livingwiththelions.co.uk/ can help you choose the right one for you. If you are wondering which courses and pitches are the most popular in this state, here are some of them: Ponta Vedra beach, Streamsong and of course the unforgettable Miami with plenty of golf courses.

4. Italy

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If you ever thought I could play golf all day long, then Italy is the ideal destination for you! With around 300 golf courses, it is also a significant golf destination in Europe. The combination of cultural and historical tradition, beautiful landscapes and golf seems like a winning combination, doesn’t it? From the urban north, across the Tuscan plains to the Mediterranean and the famous Sicily in the south, Italy boasts a significant number of golf courses and competitions that are organized every year. So if you are in Italy, or planning to visit this country do not forget to visit: Rome, Tuscany, Milan, Torino and of course Sicily.

If you didn’t know which country is worth your attention as a golf fan, now it’s very clear to you. In addition to these there are many other destinations that you need to put on your bucket list, but start with the best. Make this 2024 unforgettable!