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How To Get Better At Playing Valorant In 4 Easy Steps – 2024 Guide

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Valorant is a fairly new game that has taken the world by storm. It has attracted millions of players in a short period of time, and everyone is looking for useful tips on how to improve their game. Basically, players are organized in teams of 5, and they try to set bombs while the opposing players have the goal of stopping them. After each round, you get coins to spend on new weapons.

Even though this may seem like a great feature, the truth is that it makes the game harder since you have to remember several things, such as the layout of the field and types of weapons. Therefore, here are some things you can do to boost your gaming skills.

1. Have a strategy

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First things first, if you want to win, you need to have a strategy. As already mentioned, there are 10 players divided into two teams, and each of the agents possesses a specific set of skills. Naturally, the secret to success is to take advantage of each of them. Before you start developing your plan of attack, it is imperative to get to know both strengths and weaknesses of every agent. Take your time to do this and design a strategy accordingly.

2. Learn about the weapons

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Yes, you also have to investigate every piece of gear you have at your disposal. The thing is that each of these has a unique spray pattern and recoil. Sure, you can eliminate some of the enemies, but you have to learn about the weapons’ abilities if you want to ensure your win. Test all of them in the practice range to find the ones that are most valuable to you. This is also an important step since these can be quite costly, so you have to know which ones are worth the investment. You earn coins as you progress through the ranks, and you can read more online on how to do this.

3. Turn to pros

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Although this game is fairly new, there are several online guides created by pros on playing it and winning. We are not saying that you should copy their strategy. Naturally, you should play it the way you feel is the best, but there isn’t a reason why you shouldn’t look for some inspiration. This is the best thing novices, who are still trying to figure out how everything works, can do. No, don’t worry. This isn’t considered to be cheating.

4. Take some time to practice

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Okay, we know this may seem like a waste of time, but the truth is that it is vital. Even if you are ready to start playing the full match and already have a team, it is a good idea to include some practice time. As already explained, there are numerous things you have to check and work on. In addition, this is not one of those games you can learn along the way. Well, you can, but the chances of winning this way are quite slim.