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Can Anyone Hire A Cherry Picker? – 2024 Guide

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Whether you live in a city or a small community, you must have seen them! Cherry pickers are very useful machines that you can often see in action – from construction sites to installation or window washing. We might think about how such a machine can be practical for performing various tasks that could benefit us as well. But is it that simple and can anyone hire a cherry picker? Here are some answers.

What Are Cherry Pickers?

Construction sites, electric poles, telephone infrastructure – these are the places where you will most often see various machines, including cherry pickers. Although the name seems a bit simple or even naive – these are very serious machines with even more serious performances. You will see them raising workers to great heights or lowering them, bringing them back to the ground. These machines are truly helpful in facilitating construction work. What is most important about these machines is their ability to lift people, even to inaccessible places – such as high or narrow places, as well as locations that are hardly reachable due to some physical obstacles. Therefore, these are machines that are often used in the construction industry, but also the installation of infrastructure, maintenance of tall buildings, etc.

Can Anyone Hire A Cherry Picker?

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As with other industrial machines, you can find several types of cherry pickers that can be used for different purposes. Of course, you should choose them according to the job and the purpose for which you need them. However, when you rent this machinery, which is usually the case – you need to know something about the prerequisites for their use.

Namely, the cherry picker cannot be used for all purposes and certain criteria must be met to operate a machine like this. Here’s what you need to know. Therefore, you need to know exactly what you need a cherry picker for. Of course, we don’t even have to talk about the fact that trained personnel and possession of certain licenses are necessary for operating these machines. Therefore, it is best to find out about everything in advance.

How To Hire The Right Cherry Picker For Your Needs?

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It is best when you have professionals on hand with whom you can consult about the purpose and job for which you need a cherry picker. Fortunately, you can find such experts and rental machines on the internet. If you do a little more research, you will see that this company, like some others – offers a complete insight into the different types of cherry pickers, as well as an explanation of their functioning.

Moreover, today, if you want, you can take the chance to learn this job yourself and train as an operator on one of these machines. However, you must keep in mind that this is serious training. You cannot do this job without a license and quality training. It is a very responsible job that includes a security component. Therefore, not everyone can call themselves a professional – or work on these machines and maintain them without having a valid certificate.

Certainly, in case of need, it is best to turn to reliable companies that rent both machines and staff for such purposes. However, if you want to know more before you hire a cherry picker – here are some things that are a must-know.

On What Principle Does A Cherry Picker Work?

Most cranes operate on the same or similar principle. So it is with cherry pickers. This primarily means the operation of hydraulic systems on which the operation of such machines is based. Lifting and lowering a platform that is fenced for security reasons – is done by using an extensible mobile arm that holds a cabin in which people are and transported. With the help of these machines, construction or maintenance workers, as well as emergency services such as fire brigades – have easier access to inaccessible places or heights.

Height At Which Cherry Pickers Can Work

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Speaking about the differences between cherry pickers, one of the most important criteria is the height at which they operate. Depending on the type of machine, some of them can reach heights of over 50 meters. This is not only an impressive height – but also speaks of the fact that these are multifunctional machines that can perform a wide range of tasks. Of course, the height of the cherry picker depends on its primary purpose, but also on the type of hydraulics or elevator used for that purpose. Some of these machines are designed to reach higher altitudes – while others have a smaller range when it comes to height, but have a better chance of reaching narrow places, inaccessible areas, or uneven surfaces.

Licenses And Certificates Are Required

Along with different types of cherry pickers, operators must have licenses intended for different types of these machines. For example, for platforms up to 11m high – you have an operating license, also known as a Yellow Card. Of course, such certificates imply an age limit, so people under the age of 16 cannot be trained or have such a license. For machines that have a range of over 11 m, a special permit is required. It is a permit to work on machines with a higher risk, and persons older than 18 can take this course and get a certificate. The weight of the machine can also be related to obtaining a license to operate these cherry pickers. Thus, for some models of machines weighing up to 3.5 tons, it is enough to have a standard driver’s license. Those who got their driving licenses after 1994 can operate machines weighing up to 7.5 tons – and for machines for specialist purposes, it is necessary to hire a licensed operator.

The Bottom Line

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Finally, we can say that these seemingly simple machines sometimes perform very complicated tasks. Accordingly, you need to know what you are doing and what you need them for. Although you can manage some models yourself – it is always advisable to hire professionals who are usually available to you in the companies from which you rent cherry pickers.