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How Do Mythic+ Dungeons Work in World of Warcraft

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Mythic+ Dungeons work through 5 players’ teams. You will face several challenges and then there will be rotating weekly affixes, you will use different tactics to win. Although the challenge mode is somewhat difficult but Mythic+ is more challenging. Therefore, you need better equipment and tactics.

Players will need the appropriate gear to fight against their enemies. So if you have old weapons, you need to get the WoW boost from buy-boost.com.

In addition to the gear, players will also need better strategies and execution. Because at this level, execution is more important than your speed. Therefore, you should focus on making a proper plan and then executing it.

To start

You will need a Mythic Keystone when starting the Mythic+ Dungeon. Therefore, at least one of your team members must have it. If you want to start the challenge, the player will insert it in the Font of Power.

If you do not have the Keystone, you will need to complete the Mythic Dungeon or the Mythic+ Dungeon. Another option is to open the Great Vault, which is in the Oribos. You must be very careful with your performance because one player will get the keystone only once a week. So if you lose all your keystones in a day, you will have to wait for a week.
You will have the option to set the difficulty level. Therefore, if you do not want to lose your chance, you should try a less difficult game. This will allow you to prepare yourself for the next round. Furthermore, it will be easier for you to make your grip on the game and the situations that you will face later on.

Now the player (who has the keystone) will click on the Font of Power. Afterward, he will place the Keystone in the given socket. The socket will be in the center of your UI window.


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The game will start and now you will complete your game by defeating the dungeon bosses. In addition to this, you will also need to deal with the given trash. This is also a part of your game completion so do not forget it.

If you complete the dungeon, the same player will receive another keystone, who previously had it. But if your performance was not good, you might not get it.

Things to know

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There will be a timer to complete the dungeon. So if you complete it after the timer goes off, your dungeon will change but not the level.

However, if you complete your dungeon in the given time, you will receive an upgraded keystone. The upgrade can be a +1 or +2 or +3, depending on your performance. A +1 means that you completed it on time. +2 would be if there is still more than 20 percent time to spare. Likewise, a +3 would mean there is more than 40 percent time to spare.