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The Pros And Cons Of Technology In The Classroom

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When teachers talk about the pros and cons of using technology in the classroom, one of the things they tend to say is that technology is a great resource for learning, but teachers must teach students how to use it. And, while that may be true, it doesn’t have to be so restrictive. Technology should be a tool that enhances the teaching process, not a distraction. Teachers trying to implement technology in the classroom is always a tricky topic. There’s no question that technology is a great tool for enhancing learning and imparting skills, but, at the same time, it can be a huge distraction. And, when it comes to technology in the classroom, specifically, many teachers are concerned about the potential learning loss and distraction.

Technology is everywhere in classrooms these days, from educational software to devices that help students learn and remember. But does it ever cross the line into distracting students? Can more technology help teachers teach better? The introduction of technology in education has changed the way students learn and how teachers deliver their lessons. There are many benefits that come with this change. Students can have more interactive lessons with their teachers. They can also learn at their own pace. There are disadvantages as well. Students can be easily distracted and become too dependent on technology. See also: Do We Really Need All These Gadgets?


You can learn anywhere

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Technology had made it possible for people to learn anywhere in the world. Online education is growing tremendously around the world. There is no need to be physically present at a school you wish to study at. Online education gives students more flexibility. It is cheaper to study online. Technology brings the classroom to your home.

It makes the lesson fun

I use to get excited when the teacher brings a DVD to class. Watching educational movies was more interesting than listening to the teacher’s monotonous voice. The lesson can be more interactive. This motivates your students to learn. Teachers can change the lesson style by using technology such as computers, projectors, and tablets.

Easy to manage students’ progress

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Technology can help teachers to manage the students’ progress. For example in online schools teachers can see when students complete their courses and quiz. They can see how well their students are doing. Technology has made storage easier. You monitor the students progress by looking at how well they have done throughout a certain period. You can determine if they have improved or otherwise.

Students can learn at their own pace

Some students are introverts and they will not participate in class. If teachers develop an online platform for students to utilize, they can get the students to participate in discussions. They will not be shy to ask questions. They can send a private message if the platform allows it. There are many Facebooks groups that are created to enhance learning outside of the classrooms. Teachers can go through concepts that were not covered in the classrooms.

Accommodate students with special needs

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Technology has made it possible for students with disabilities to learn just like normal children. There are many schools that cannot accommodate special students because they lack the resources. A visually impaired student can use braille to access information and submit an assignment. Before technology that could assist disabled student existed, these students use to stay at home. They were prevented from having a formal education. Technology has made it possible to educate disabled students.


Students can become too dependant

Technology has brought many benefits however, students can become too dependent on technology. Instead of going to the library to do research. They can access information on the internet which is not always accurate. Students need to be careful and use the resources that they have properly.


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Teachers have complained about how students are using the computers for social purposes instead of learning and studying. In computer science class, students can be easily distracted by visiting non-educational websites. Teachers have to monitor the computer to ensure that students are not losing their focus.

Loss of connection

Some people will argue that people are moving away from traditional education. Online learning will not build certain skills such as social and team building. Virtual learning is not the same as tradition learning. People have formed precious relationships at school. It is very important that we still keep the traditional style even though virtual learning has its benefits.

Wrapping up

Technology has been incorporated into education because of the wonderful benefits. It can help teachers to change their teacher style and keep the students interested. On the other hand, technology can be distracting and students can become too dependent on it.A typical American classroom looks like a giant ergonomic nightmare, and it’s no wonder there are more than a few complaints from teachers and students alike. People often assume that the only way to improve a school is with technology, and while that’s welcome news to some, it’s often not the best choice for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the cons of technology in the classroom?

The impact of technology on the classroom is hard to ignore and many teachers are beginning to realize this. This is something that has been a concern for some years now and continues to be a hot topic. As more and more students are becoming reliant on technology for classwork and schoolwork, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up with the amount of technology that is being used in school. With this, there is an increase in technology-related problems that develop in school, such as: ** Technology addiction: Students become so dependent on technology that it becomes difficult to remove it from the classroom. ** Technology theft: Students are constantly searching out and taking devices that are connected to the school’s network. ** Technology violence: Students perpetrate acts of violence against As a teacher, you want your students to learn to interact with their technology. You want them to read, write, create, and research. You want them to develop critical thinking skills and explore their communicative abilities. You want them to become lifelong learners who can think critically about what they learn.

What are the advantages of technology in the classroom?

Technology has been a part of our everyday lives for the past 50 years or so. Now, millions of people use it every day, whether it’s to interact with their friends, watch movies on their computer, or use the internet to research products online. As a teacher, I’m constantly trying to figure out how I can use technology to make my classroom more productive and efficient. Technology in the classroom can be a wonderful tool for students. It is used in the classroom to enhance learning and increase and improve performance, but not without drawbacks. Technology can be distracting. It can take up a lot of time. It can be addictive. It can be distracting for teachers. Some people do not like the idea of technology in the classroom, saying it takes away from the traditional classroom atmosphere.

Why is technology bad in the classroom?

Technology and the Internet have permeated our lives in ways that seem to have outsized impact on our students. It’s difficult to deny that there are many benefits to the use of technology in the classroom. It can provide students with a means to utilize and practice their learning skills through the use of various apps and resources. However, there are also many potential dangers to the overuse and abuse of technology in the classroom. Technology is a powerful tool that can be used to enhance learning and aid in classroom activities. However, like many things, it has some negative side effects.