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4 Reasons Why Succulents Make the Best House Plants

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When it comes to interior designing everyone wants different things and everyone has different needs and that is because everyone lives a different life. One thing is sure, we all have to liven up our space with different kinds of greenery. The green color that the plants give us is a touch of color to decrease the monotony of the space but that is not the only thing that is beneficial to us. The plants are clearing our air and detoxifying it.

All that is great but we actually need to care about them. Some plants require more care than others but if you don’t give them sufficient conditions they are going to dry out and die. Choosing the right greenery is very personal because everyone has different tastes, but you have to keep in mind that some herbs need more sun exposure and some need less of it.

We made this article to show you some of the reasons that make succulents one of the best house plants.

What are succulents?

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Succulents are plants that store water in their leaves or in their stems. So by that, there are two categories, the cactus stores it in the stem, and the aloe vera plant stores the water inside the leaves. As we all know, you don’t need to give them water that often because they are holding it longer than other plants.

It is easy to care for them

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They don’t require much effort like others because you don’t need to trim them. You don’t have the stress that if you forget to give water to your succulent that it will die. They can survive really easy in your home since all you need to do is to put them near the window, or any place that has good sun exposure and water them at least once in two weeks but preferable every Sunday so you make a habit to water your plants that day every week. They are great if you live a busy lifestyle because they are not going to die if you forget to water them that day.

If you live in an apartment, other plants may not survive the dry air but succulents are great adaptors to your place. The only way to kill them is to overwater them or to never water them.

They look great anywhere in your home

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Designing your place to your taste is one of the best things because at the end of the day you are the one who should enjoy your stay at home. They can be put anywhere in your home for example near the TV stand, next to the windows, on the dining table, and even in the kitchen. They come in various colors and interesting shapes so it is pretty sure that you can find what you really want as seen on Succulent Market.

Succulents are not expensive plants

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They look great for not an expensive price so there is no excuse not to buy them. Making your home a more interesting place, but you can make yourself a job for fun. Since they are budget greenery and you can plant them really easy in other pots, you just need to pull out some leaves from your old succulents and plant them in a new pot. Enjoy your new hobby!

They live all year

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Unlike other plants that drop their leaves in the winter, and dry out for a season the succulents leave all four seasons all year long. So, you won’t need to clean up leaves and do extra care. Enjoy your home every day with cool plants on a budget!