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Do Professional Gamblers Believe in Superstitions?

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According to some research, it has been found that gamblers have more belief in superstitions than the other individuals. Superstition refers to a situation where some event is believed to bring bad luck or good luck to you. You will be amazed to know that around 80% of the USA casino players believe in general superstitions such as lucky friends, lucky seats, etc.

Whereas only 1/3rd of the bigger UK population is believed to have such a superstitious thinking– the most generally revealed practices being: abstaining from strolling under stepping stools, contacting wood for best of luck and tossing salt over shoulders.

Now that you know that even the expert casino players believe in superstitions, it’s time to learn more about them. Below we have mentioned some of the false beliefs that are followed by the professional gamblers:

To sit straight at the casino table:

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Sitting upright or in any event, standing up when betting is thought to carry best of luck to the player. While the root behind this notion might be stunning, it assists the players with being fruitful, for the most part since it can help them a great deal mentally. In contrast with this, it’s believed to be a misfortune to fold your legs when betting. There’s no legitimate justification behind this, aside from the conviction this posture brings misfortune.

Droppings of some bird is considered lucky:

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It is a somewhat interesting false belief that was created to transform a sad situation where you are losing your slot online into something lucky for you. As per this notion, if you discover droppings of a bird on your head, the winnings are just going to arrive at your door steps. In like manner, any sign associated with birds is tied in with getting something positive.

Counting chips while playing:

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This is quite possibly the most famous betting superstition. It comes from the early street card sharks who might never count their chip stacks until the finish of a poker game. The notion has moved to the casinos where it’s viewed as misfortune to count chips during a major blackjack meeting.

Lucky color-red:

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Another most famous superstition that originates from Asia is that red is an extremely fortunate betting shading. Chinese individuals accept that red is the shade of flourishing consequently it is the shade of best of luck. Therefore, various professional gamblers love wearing something red while they indulge in slot games online Indonesia.

Itching in the hands:

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In some European nations, having itching or irritation in the hands is said to bring misfortune. Either that, or the player is getting sweat-soaked from an especially unpleasant meeting at the craps table. Whereas, in different nations like Serbia, having itching in the hands is viewed as a hint that something good is going to happen.

Avoid whistling while playing:

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Likely the strangest and most explicit no-no in club, whistling while at the same time playing is considered to carry misfortune to the player who does it. The beginning of this strangely explicit false belief isn’t definitively precise.