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How Many Drops Of Essential Oil Do You Put In A Diffuser?

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Scent and aroma can change the way you react when you enter a room. People have been using different scents for different purposes for a long time. Essential oils are a highly concentrated scent that helps create a certain effect, positively impacting both mental, spiritual and physical health.

But there has been a lot of confusion related to how much essential oil is to be used. In this article we will be discussing the quantity of essential oil required in a diffuser. Additionally, we will also discuss how to use essential oils.

Consider the Positive Impact

If you are still on the fence about getting a diffuser, knowing the advantages of essential oils might help you out. There has been a significant linkage of the scent of essential oils with therapeutic benefits. Anyone who uses essential oils will tell you how much of a game change they actually are.

Not only do they improve the mood of anyone breathing the aroma in, they also work to make you more productive and ready to take up any challenges throughout the day. The positive impact of these magic oils is so profound that they are also employed by massage therapists to calm the mind and relax the body.

Consider a situation where you enter a room you have never been in before. What would your reaction be if it smells bad? On the contrary, how would you react if it smells good? As compared to any environment with no distinguishable or bad smell, essential oils can do wonders to make a person more open to what is to come.

The Natural Fragrance

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We live in the age of deodorants and perfumes with fragrances made in laboratories. This is where essential oils differ from these cheaply available scents. A sthe name suggests, the liquid contains the essence of a natural substance which then creates a highly concentrated aroma from its source.

It thus becomes important to use it in moderation otherwise an overpowering smell can quickly turn irritating rather than refreshing. Seasons Life is a place where you can get all the necessary information about diffusers and essential oils. Additionally, make sure that you only choose a fragrance you are comfortable with because your home will smell like it for a long time.

How Many Drops to Use?

Now we get to the heart of the matter. We have to be sure to use the right amount so that the smell hits just right. This is crucial if you want to reap all the therapeutic advantages of the substance you will be using. We emphasize using it in moderation for a variety of reasons.

First of all, you cannot use a lot of oil because then it will create an atmosphere that makes it hard to breathe. If you have to open the windows to let the fragrance out, then you have done something wrong. On the other hand, if you do not put enough drops into the diffuse, there will literally be nothing to smell. So if you do not use the right amount of drops you are risking your chances with two extremes.

Ideally, all you require are 3-5 drops. However, this will change depending on the type of diffuser you ache. If the diffuser quantity is 100 mL, the ideal recommendation is anywhere between 3 to 5 drops. So start with 3 and work your way up if you are trying it for the first time.

One bottle of the essential oil has about 600 drops, so you will be secure for using one bottle for about 120 times if you choose 500 drops. How many times you can use a bottle if using 3 or 4 drops is math we will leave for you to do. Also remember that the quantity you use should also depend on the size of your room or house. Do not hesitate to use more if the aroma does not cover enough ground initially.

Change According to Diffuser

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As mentioned above, the recommended quantity will change depending on the capacity of the diffuser. For instance, if you are using a machine with 300 mL capacity, the amount of fragrance required will be more than the standard 3-5 drops. Let us go categorically so it is clear for anyone who has a differently sized diffuser.

  • For 200 mL capacity, you will need anywhere between 6-10 drops, depending on how strong the scent you want there to be.
  • For a capacity of 300 mL, the ideal amount is anywhere in the range of 9 to 12 drops.
  • You will require 12 to 15 drops for a diffuser with 400 mL capacity.
  • If you have a diffuser capacity of 500 mL, use it for larger rooms or houses with about 15 to 20 drops at each time of use.

Consider the Placement

Even if a person is considering the room size in which they are placing the diffuser, they completely disregard where they are actually keeping the machine. So, in case you didn’t know before today, the placement of the diffuser matters a lot in terms of the fragrance propagation inside closed quarters.

Keep it in an open space so that nothing blocks the fragrance. If you want the scent to permeate in a larger space, you need there to be as few interruptions as possible. Keep it somewhere elevated so that it can travel to all spaces easily.

The Takeaway

It is not difficult to determine the sweet spot where the entire room is fragrant with an essential oil you just chose. You just need to balance it out and start with the smaller side of the spectrum. Consider the room size and the diffuser placement to reap the benefits of the essential oils in the most effective manner.

We have mentioned the amount to be used in a range. Start with the least amount of oil  required and work your way up for the right balance.