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Slots on NetBet with Western Themes

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Over the years, software developers have mainly focused on the Wild West notion while creating Western-themed slot machines. When one closely examines the Wild West notion, it becomes evident why software developers have preferred it over other western concepts.

With the Wild West theme, software developers can create popular hardcore action games involving daring cowboys versus law enforcement authorities in the form of Sheriffs. At times, though, software makers chose to highlight the whites’ trek to the Pacific Ocean’s coast and the subsequent wars over land, women, and domestic animals. These free spins are not only educational, but they are also fun, thanks to the three sets of free spins that are available on this slot machine. Whenever three or four bonus symbols appear on the reels at the same time, all of these benefits are triggered and can be accessed. Western-themed slots are, in essence, an exposition of good vs. evil (but, of course, interpretation differs as to who is on the good side and the one on the wrong side).

The conflict of good vs. evil, as shown in many western themed slots, has made the western slots genre highly appealing to many casino players. However, among the western-themed slots currently available, a few have firmly established a foothold in the hearts of gamers. These are the games that we will examine in detail here. Casino NetBet offers a wide selection of western-themed slots before we get into the details.

Bounty Belles

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It is a slot machine with a western theme that was designed by iSoftBet. After starting their gaming experience with this five-reel, 243-way to win slot machine, players will come across a Sheriff who has just declared a bounty for anyone who can locate a social misfit who has been deemed to be both armed and potentially dangerous. As a result, the player’s purpose when spinning the reels of this slot game is crystal obvious from the get-go: to look everywhere for the misfit and collect the prize money.

While playing, the chances of spotting and apprehending the misfit rise each time three or more misfit symbols appear on reels 3, 4, and 5 during a single spin. In the event when three or more misfits appear on reels 3, 4, and 5, the reels will extend to a maximum of five symbols in height, increasing the number of methods and chances to collect a bounty in the game! The game also includes a free spins phase, during which payouts can be doubled by a multiplier of ten times their original value!

East Coast vs. West Coast

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East Coast vs. West Coast is a western-themed online slot machine developed by Nolimit City that can be played on any device. Despite its western theme, this slot machine is based on a more current concept: the recent hip hop wars and competition between artists from opposite sides of the United States. These two enormously popular rappers, Notorious B.I.G. from the East Coast and Tupac Shakur from the West Coast, served as illustrative examples of this rivalry.

Nolimit City built the East Coast vs. West Coast slot machine to relive the hip hop battle of the 1990s while also educating individuals who were unaware of the East Coast-West Coast rivalry in general. This slot machine is not only informative but is also entertaining, thanks to the three sets of free spins it offers. All of these features are activated when three or four bonus symbols appear on the reels at the same time.

Lucky Vegas

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Although software developers have always embraced historical motifs when building western-themed slots, some developers have recently opted for more contemporary concepts in their creations. It is one of the most common ideas on this front to design games that mirror the fast-paced, sparkly, and glamorous lifestyle that can be found in Las Vegas. The Lucky Vegas slot machine, which is powered by PariPlay and is accessible at NetBet Casino, is one of the most popular slots with a Vegas theme available online.

Lucky Vegas is a slot machine that is pretty easy to understand and play. Due to the fact that players will be transported to a Las Vegas casino once they begin spinning the slot’s five reels and twenty paylines, it is vital to do so. In this game, players only need to press the Spin button after each spin in the hopes of landing identical symbols on the same active payline and thereby scooping the game’s prize money. The Triple Wheel Bonus is the primary bonus round, and it offers a random coin prize as well as an arrow based on which wheel slice the pointer lands on during the bonus round. After clicking on the arrow, the player will be able to spin the inner wheel’s wheel three times. The third inner wheel will deliver the most important payouts.