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Are Workers’ Compensation Claims Ever Worth It?

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When accidents that result in injury happen in a workplace setting, many people never even report it. This is a costly mistake that can ultimately lead down a detrimental path of turbulence.

All injuries should be reported, recorded, and evidenced so that, should things deteriorate, there is an account of the incident to draw upon for any further consequences. The question of whether workers’ compensation claims are ever really worth it is one that this article aims to answer. Keep reading to find out the reasons why it may be the best option.

Injury Severity Considerations

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The level of severity of the injury will be the deciding factor when considering how to move forward with life post-incident.

If it is a life-changing traumatic brain injury, the recovery steps will inevitably look different from a broken finger, for example. The first decision to make is how big the repercussions of the accident will be.

Have you been seriously maimed?

Does the injury impede you from going to work?

Has the accident resulted in a disability?

How long is the recovery path going to take?

The answer to all these questions will provide a deeper insight into the available routes forward. If getting better is going to take a long time, you have to plan for this in terms of financial considerations and well-being too.

A compensation claim will provide a security pot of financial protection if you win your claim. So, if you are on bed rest from an accident and you are not the culpable party, it would be in your best interest, and the claim would definitely be worth it.

Insurance Deductible Costs

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you need medical attention or ongoing treatment, there is the cost of your insurance deductibles to be considered too.

These policies are not inexpensive, and an additional monthly cost that coincides with a dip or loss in wages is less than ideal. Compensation claims provide a way to cover all these factors, which is an irreplaceable peace of mind.

Compensation Claims Provide Income

With the right expert firm by your side, such as Romanucci & Blandin, compensation is a path to recouping losses and stabilizing your monthly incoming finances. While it isn’t the only reason that claims are pushed through, it is the primary focus.

Protecting Paid Time Off

After the accident, the time you take off work to recover may automatically be prescribed to your PTO (paid time off), if you get it. If you don’t, it could just be unpaid full stop. Compensation would stop that process in its tracks and therefore, protect the holiday days.

Future Employment

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If you have to leave the employment, there will be a day in the future (if recovery allows) when you need a new job. When this day comes, your reputation must be protected.

An accident in the workplace does not bolster your professional profile unless you have proven that it was not your fault. A compensation claim is the best way to do this, as it confirms the liable party was not yourself.

Claims Are Worth It

Here are three key reasons why compensation claims are worth exploring.

Recoup Losses

Money is a major concern for a lot of people after an accident at work. The biggest reason why these claims are worth it is the financial factor. How do you recoup the losses of a recovery period when wages are reduced or even non-existent? Paid time off is one thing, but not everyone is entitled to it.

Compensation means medical expenses and more will be covered, and your usual salary will still be in place. Bills will still be paid, your house won’t be at risk, and you will still be able to support yourself and your family. Money is a major concern for a lot of people after an accident at work.

Protect Your Integrity

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Accidents at work that are left unresolved may look ambiguous to outsiders looking in. If one of the resulting events means that you feel inclined to leave the company, or you are forced to as a consequence of the accident, that might be hard to explain to future employers.

Your integrity should be protected and even more so in cases where you are completely blameless. It is never wrong to stand up for yourself.

Minimize Stress

Stressful environments are not contingent on successful healing. If anxiety and stress levels are raised, you will not be able to recover peacefully or completely.

Knowing that you are finding compensation for what happened, especially if you are being represented by an expert, will bring a sense of calm to the process.

Claims Are Not Worth It

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Here are three reasons why worker’s compensation claims might not be worth it if the evidence is not as clear cut, and you don’t have time to give.

Time Consuming

It will take time to start the proceedings, gather the evidence, and potentially set a court date if the case cannot be settled beforehand. The whole thing may take months, and all the while you could be out of work or working in a hostile environment.

Potential to Lose Everything

When a claim is lost, not only will it be extremely unlikely that you are granted leave to return to the company, but you will have lost all the money spent on making the claim as well. This feels like a big risk if you are not 100% convinced that you are able to be successful.

Reputation Hit

If you lose, that is on a public record and people talk, especially in smaller industries. There is a chance that if you are found to be lying or misleading evidence about the incident that caused the injury, your reputation won’t recover, and you will struggle to procure future contracts.

Are workers’ compensation claims ever worth it? Weighing up all the options, the answer has to be yes. Not only do you protect your income if you win, but with the right representation and sufficient evidence, the injured worker can gain a lot from claiming against the party at fault.