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How To Tell If A Wine Is Really Any Good – 2024 Guide

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Wine, a wonderful divine drink that most of us enjoy at least sometimes. Even experts claim that a glass of wine a day is beneficial to our health. However, although we like to try it, very often we do not know how to choose a good and quality wine. So, how can we tell if a wine is really any good? Here are some answers.

Wine Selection

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How many times have you gone to a wine shop and found yourself faced with a difficult choice: Which wine to choose and for what occasion? When choosing the wine to buy, we usually rely on recommendations, grape varieties – and sometimes we even choose it by the label or design of the wine bottle.

Of course, all of us who are not wine connoisseurs like professional oenologists do such things. However, famous sommeliers claim that you can use some of the simple tricks that will help you choose a quality wine. So, let’s take a look at how we can tell if a wine is really any good.

Check The Color And Fullness Of The Wine

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A good wine connoisseur will easily recognize the variety and quality of wine, after just one sip. But what about us who can’t do that? Don’t worry, because there are ways you can do it. Try checking the color of the wine on a white napkin. When the wine is younger, it will have a dark red, almost purple color – while older wines will have a lighter color. Do the same with white wines.

However, keep in mind that with white wines, the color darkens with age. Also, grape wines from colder areas will always be a little paler. The fullness of the wine is checked by the so-called greasy trace that remains on the glass when you turn it in your hand. You should also smell good wine on the cork.


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For something like this, you have to try the wine and try to recognize certain aromas. Good wine tastes “layered” – which means that in addition to the basic aroma, you will also feel some additional ones. According to wineaffection.com, you must also know that the wine will not have the same taste when you just open the bottle – or when it stays opened for a while.

Namely, when the wine comes in contact with the air – the aroma should be less intense, and therefore better. If the wine smells too much or if it smells sour – then it may not be the best choice to buy.

Try How Long You Feel The Taste

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Good wine is considered to be one whose taste lasts longer. Therefore, try the wine and feel how long its taste will stay on your palate. When you feel the taste as long as possible – that wine is considered to be of better quality.

Good Wine Goes Hand In Hand With Good Food

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Don’t worry too much about how your dish will blend with the wine. Just try them together – and if they don’t bother each other, keep enjoying the flavors. The only recommendation is that, during the summer days, in addition to lighter food, you also choose lighter wines.

Red wines are recommended with foods that are longer and harder to digest – while white wines go well with almost all other dishes.