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How to Know if Your Watch Is Waterproof?

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While buying a watch, it is crucial to check all its features. You get an impressive feature of water-resistant or waterproof in several high-branded watches. But sometimes, it is confusing to understand both terms, but you must know the difference to purchase the correct item.

After knowing the difference, you must check whether it is waterproof or water-resistant. These terms are also used interchangeably to confuse customers. In the following write-up, we will discuss the difference between these two terms and also know how to check whether the watch is waterproof.

Whenever you purchase an expensive watch, you will not take the risk of dipping it in the water for the test. Therefore, you have to be sensible about your experiments. There is one thing that every customer must know there is no guarantee that the product you are buying is completely waterproof. Let us explore how it is quite possible.

How is Water-resistant Different from Waterproof?

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You can easily find these terms whenever you desire to purchase any branded watch. It is quite a common confusing topic that many people have in their minds. The term, water-resistant means that the device you buy can be wet to some extent. It will work properly if the wetness is at the limit.

It means that the device is somewhat resistant to water, and you cannot dive deep in water with that accessory. It is better not to experiment with it by dipping it in the water. The other term, waterproof, means that it can withstand water.

You can dip it or dive into the water with the device, and nothing will happen. But the concept of waterproofing is only theoretical. It is impossible to get a watch that you can use underwater. With time, the sealing of the glass and dial becomes loose, and it can make the watch less water-resistant. Temperature fluctuation can also cause problems with this feature.

Ratings of Water-resistant Watches

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The better the rating, the more the watch is resistant to water. Different brands offer different ratings to make their product durable. ATM unit expresses this factor, in which M denotes meter and A denotes atmosphere. As per the estimation, 1 ATM equals 10 M. There is another way to express this factor, i.e., a bar also called a pressure unit.

Whenever you purchase any watch, you must check this rating to know the resistance level of the device. Commonly, you will see 30, 50, 100, 200, and 300. But if the rating is deeper, like 500 or 1000, the device is perfect for purchasing for people who need diving tools. If you are considering buying a fashionable watch, you can see the rating of 3 ATM or 30M or 3 bar.

The higher rating will give you more time to spend in the water, but you need to come out quickly so that the device components will not get damaged. You can check out the amazing watch collection by Boderry with unique features. Ensure to check the rating and buy the appropriate one.

Method to Test the Waterproofing or Water-Resistant Skills of a Watch

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A machine is available for testing watches, i.e., the Bergeon device for testing. You can buy it and easily test a device if you can afford it. But instead of buying your machine, you can get an accessory that the professionals have already tested. In this way, you can save a lot of money.

But if you still desire to analyze the entire working of your device, then you can test the internal machinery. You must remove the shiny stones and crystals. You can easily check the device’s efficiency and know whether it is worth buying.

Is It Easy to Make Waterproof Watches?

Generally, watches are not entirely waterproof, but their water-resistant rating is high. But it does not mean that you cannot make your own waterproof device. It is possible to create a device that works even if you dive deep into the water and stay longer inside.

You need to follow some steps:

1. Remove the device’s back cover and check whether your device is working with a replaced battery. If it is working perfectly, you must remove all the inside components and the dial. Keep the machinery on a clean surface.

2. With time, the watch’s gasket needs to be changed because it gets hard and damaged. It is a silicone band to protect the machinery, and it requires replacement.

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3. Now, you have to rub the entire gasket part with the silicon oil. Now, place it over the accessory’s backside. The oil coating helps in making the accessory waterproof. It will not let moisture enter.

4. Twist the gasket components and put force on your hands to tighten them. You can also use tweezers to keep the gasket in an appropriate spot.

5. If dirt is on the device’s backside, you must clean it and cast it using the Q-tip that is already dipped in silicon oil.

6. Clean your watch once you eliminate the crown area as well as the stem. If there is damage to the crown, it is better to change it.

7. Swiping the crown component and the stem, you have to fit them properly.

8. With Q-tip, you must clean the stones and check for any cracks.

9. Glue UV epoxy to the area around the stones, and do the edge casing. Now, you have to keep it dry.

10. When all the components fit together, you need to change the watch’s backside and remove excess ultraviolet epoxy.

11. In the end, you can use the Bergeon tester to check how waterproof your device is.

Final Thoughts


Instead of waterproof, many watches are designed with the feature of water resistantancy. These devices can survive underwater to some extent, and there is a unit of ATM to measure that extent.

If the rating is more, then the accessory can survive more time in the water. If you desire to check and analyze the waterproofing ability of your watch, then you can use the Bergeon device for testing.