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5 Reasons Why Underfloor Heating Is Worth The Investment

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If you are doing major renovations in your home, you are probably thinking about additional devices and systems you can install. Naturally, nowadays, there are many of these, and they will make your everyday life easier and more comfortable. Underfloor heating is one of these things, and more and more people think about it. However, since it can be pretty costly, people aren’t sure whether it is worth the investment. Here is a list of reasons why you should go with it.

Increased comfort


Obviously, this is the first benefit of installing this system in your home. We cannot explain how satisfying it is to step onto warm floorboards. Once you have underfloor heating, you won’t have to look for your slippers or worry if your kids will get a cold from walking on the cold floor. In addition, there won’t be even a single corner of your home where you can sense a significant difference in temperature. But, of course, this is true only if you install this system in every room of the house.

Low maintenance

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Another advantage is that this system requires minimal maintenance. Yes, you have to check that everything functions smoothly occasionally, but that is pretty much it. This is true for both electric and water systems. Plus, considering that it is installed beneath the floor, the system cannot be damaged easily. As you know, this is not the case with traditional devices such as radiators.

Energy efficiency

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When compared to traditional systems, underfloor heating will not only save a lot of energy, but at the same time, it will decrease your monthly utility bill. Why is this the case? Well, the thing is that radiators emit heat that evaporates pretty quickly, meaning that you may have to increase the temperature to heat the entire room. On the other hand, the floor retains heat better, which means that this system doesn’t use nearly as much electricity as radiators do. What’s more, if you have proper insulation, maintaining the perfect temperature will be that much easier, and you will further lower the overall consumption of energy.

Control the temperature

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One of the things that most people dislike about traditional heating systems is that they cannot adjust the temperature, meaning that it will be the same in all areas of the home. Well, this is not the case with underfloor heating. When you install it, there will be a thermostat in each room of the house. In a nutshell, it will be up to you to determine the temperature in all of them. In some instances, people don’t use every room in the house, so it is unnecessary to warm them up regularly.

More available space

When redecorating your home, you have to think about the placement of the radiator when deciding on the new furniture arrangement. You cannot put a sofa or a chair near one of these because otherwise, the heat radiators emit will damage the pieces pretty quickly. Well, this is not an issue when you go with underground heating. There will be no devices meaning you will have more space and freedom when choosing and arranging new furniture.